My First Vegan Manicure

My First Vegan Manicure

Now, you may or may not know this about me, but I have always loved having my nails done. My favourite shape was the famous coffin/ballerina shape. But after a while of being vegan, I started to think about the impact of my monthly visits to the nail salon on the planet, my nails and the animals. Are these products tested on animals? Are they damaging my nails? Are they toxic and thus damaging to the environment?

The answer to all of the above is more than likely, yes! So a few months ago, I decided to stop having my nails done until I can find an ethical way of keeping my nails looking chic

I have been searching but haven't yet found any salons in the UK. However, whilst in Barcelona, I found a Vegan Friendly salon

Vegere exterior

Tucked away in one of Barcelona's quaint little side streets was this hidden treasure, Vegere, Barcelona's first vegan beauty centre

Vegere entrance

As soon as you walk in to this place you feel a rush of zen vibes come over you. I love how they have created an outdoors indoors feel

Vegere treatment chairs

Not only can you get a lovely manicure, like the one I had, but you can also sit in these super comfy seats and have an ultra relaxing pedicure 

Vegere Make-Up
Vegere Make-Up In Mirror

Or you could sit in this cute little space and have your make up done

Vegere Make-Up In Mirror

This salon really is a piece of Barça that I wish I could have taken back to the UK with me. The staff were super friendly and I love the fact that all the products are vegan as well as non toxic so you know that the treatments you have won't damage your skin or nails or the environment. So you get to look good and do good at the same time. Win win 

Thanks for reading and check back next week for my last Barcelona post, where I talk about places to visit in Barcelona

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