Places To Eat in Barcelona

My trip to Barcelona was such a beautiful mini adventure. When I go abroad I love to immerse myself in the culture of the place I am visiting and for me, food is one of the largest aspects of most cultures. Being vegan can sometimes be tough when you're abroad, but luckily this country is up to speed and knows that veganism is a growing movement. Check out some of these great places in Barcelona creating not only vegan but simply delicious dishes 

Green Vita exterior

First up, we found this little gem in the Diagonal Mar mall on our first night in Barcelona

Green Vita interior

This place, Green Vita was very rustic and when I walked in I felt like I had come home. After travelling we were so hungry and the smell of the freshly baked bread was too damn inviting

Green Vita Red Burger

This red burger was absolutely delicious and these little potatoes complimented it very well. I probably could have eaten it twice

Flax and Kale menu

Next up we have the famous Flax and Kale. I was super excited to go here. And I am so glad that they did not disappoint

Flax and Kale food

I met up with a friend here who lives in Barcelona. She is a huge fan of Flax and Kale so suggested we share the No Digas Tacos and Raw Superbowl, which were both divine

Flax and Kale Edible Garden 2.jpg

Although we hadn't booked, we were lucky enough to get a seat next to this beautiful edible garden they have on their stunning roof terrace.

If you are heading here during peak season, I would recommend booking ahead of time as this place is exceptionally popular

Flax and Kale Kale Chips

And be sure to try their kale chips. They are delicious and we sprinkled them over our Raw Superbowl and in our Tacos to give them some extra crunch

La Besneta Entrance.jpg

For dessert, we took a trip to La Besneta, as recommended by one of the locals advising it is one of the best places for vegan sweet treats around 

La Besneta cake.jpg

Before even walking in, the cake display is enough to entice you in to this glorious little family owned vegan bakery

La Besneta Chocolate Orange Cookies.jpg

The owner of the bakery was very informative about all of the ingredients in his food and invited us to take in the aromas of every cookie by lifting the glass dome lid and encouraged us to get a whiff of the flavours. Very clever tactics because I simply could not resist after smelling these chocolate orange cookies. I had to take some home with me. I also got some lemon cookies, which smelt divinely citrussy and zesty

La Besneta.jpg
La Besneta Carrot Cake.jpg

I also couldn't resist one of these carrot cupcakes which I ate there and then in the shop while I perused at my heart's content

La Besneta Desserts

Not only do they make delicious cakes, but they also create beautiful sundaes in these cute little jars. And if you recycle the jars and bring them back, you will get a discount off your next purchase

La Besneta Tiramisu

With that being said, my sweet tooth cohersed me into getting a tiramisu. I used to love tiramisu a hell of a lot before going vegan and have since not been able to find a vegan equivalent

I will definitely be keeping my jar and taking it back to La Besneta next time I go to Barcelona

Enjoy Vegan
Enjoy Vegan Entrance

Finally, I stumbled upon this place on my last day in Barcelona, after traipsing around the Gothic Quarter in need of some sustenance 

Enjoy Vegan Table
Enjoy Vegan Interior

The decor of this place is a mix of rustic and chabby chic. With these old doors used as tables, I adore the use of up-cycling

Enjoy Vegan Food

As I didn't have too much time to sit and eat as I had to go and catch my flight, I opted for these quick bites. I had a carrot and potato empanada, which is similar to a pasty and was yum. I also had some tasty spicy roast potatoes with vegan mayo, which was creamy and delicious

Enjoy Vegan Cinnamon Bun

On my way out, I also picked up one of these cinnamon buns. I wish I bought more though, because it was so deliciously moist and sumptuously cinnamony (is that a word? - well it is now) 

This is a simple little vegan restaurant, but it is definitely worth a visit

Have you been to any of these restaurants or any other vegan restaurants I haven't mentioned that you think are worth visiting next time I go to Barcelona? If so, please feel free to let me know in the comments

Thanks for reading and don't forget to check back next week where I talk about my first ever vegan manicure 

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