Sustainable Christmas Party Outfit Ideas

Sustainable Christmas Party Outfit Ideas

‘Tis the season for over indulgence and over spending, so I thought I’d help you think of a few ways to dress for your Christmas party whilst still in keeping with your sustainable, ethical lifestyle. It will also help you to save some pennies too

The first way I think helps to keep both your budget and your carbon footprint low is to go check out your local charity shop.


This time of year, people are clearing out old clothes to make room for all the new junk they are expecting to accumulate over Christmas. A lot of them are taken to charity shops, so why not browse around to see what you can find. You might be pleasantly surprised

You could also hire your clothes. I recently came across this innovative brand Wear The Walk who hire out items from upcoming independent brands. They even have some cool up-cycled pieces. It really comes in handy for people that always have a lot of events and parties to go to because you don’t have to worry about being seen twice in the same outfit. you can borrow something, wear it and then swap it for something else. Plus they have special selection for Christmas Parties. You can peruse at your leisure here

Or how about instead of throwing away your old clothes, up-cycling them into something pretty to wear. I’m sure if you look in your wardrobe, you will find some clothes that you haven’t and probably will never wear again, so why not re-love them and make something shiny and new


If, like me, you are lucky enough to have a Mum who tends to buy clothes, only to never wear them and give them to you, then have at it. Or you could just raid her wardrobe. I love my Ma’s hand me downs. She is more fashionable than she gives herself credit for but then chickens out and says she won’t wear the items, so gives them to. I mean, who am I turn her down. I urge you raid your Mum’s wardrobe, withe her permission of course. You are sure to find some gems in there

So these are my tips for finding Christmas Party outfits without having to buy something new

If you can think of any other ways, please let me know

Thanks for reading and don’t get too Merry at your Christmas Party

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