Vegan Christmas Treats

Vegan Christmas Treats

So I know that this time of year can be tough for us vegans  being surrounded by people gobbling on choccy's, pigs in blankets and slurping on egg nog. But I'm here to help you through that with a few vegan treats that I have found


Firstly, courtesy of Cicioni comes this scrumptious cheese board featuring the yummy coconut and plantain chutney from Heartisan Foods and these crunchy tasty caramelised onion crackers from Nairns. This cheese is so creamy and can be crumbled, sliced or flaked and this is the cheese I used last Christmas for my stuffed mushrooms. And the chutney is sweet and spicy and complements this cheeses creamy consistency perfectly. This personalised chopping board was sent to me from Personally Presented and I absolutely love it. It's so pretty though, I only want to use it as a cheese board or platter. Makes a perfect Christmas gift for that friend who loves being in the kitchen or hosting dinner parties



Why not team your cheese board with some tasty festive drinks. Now I don't know about you, but before going vegan I used to love me some Bailey's, especially at Christmas. So I was elated when they came out with the Almande, made from dairy free almond milk. I was even more elated when they sent me a bottle to create some scrummy cocktails for Christmas. Who needs eggnog when you can have.... Drum roll,

The Almande Apricot Flip

This is the perfect vegan after-dinner treat especially for those who are too full for pudding and decide to finish their meal with a Christmas drink. Combining the rich and creamy taste of Baileys Almande with a sweet and fruity apricot jam, it’s a modern vegan classic. A hint of cardamom adds a cosseting flavour and is a great festive alternative to vanilla, whilst the agave syrup gives extra depth and warmth.

Try creating the Almande Apricot Flip yourself at home using the following recipe:


50ml Baileys Almande [0.8 units]

50ml apricot & cardamom syrup

10ml agave syrup

50ml coconut milk

Apricot & cardamom syrup, ingredients:

100g apricot jam

50g  hot water

2 cardamom pods



First prepare the Apricot & cardamom syrup

In a mixing jug, crush two cardamom pods

Weigh in the jam

Pour over the hot water

Stir until smooth

Next, in the glass, add both syrups

Then fill the glass with ice

Pour over the Baileys Almande and coconut milk

Stir until blended together

Top with ice

Grate nutmeg over the top of the glass

It's absolutely divine and I can see this going down very well with your guests


And for those who aren’t drinking, why not try a yummy apple and ginger fizz.


1 Arbonne Apple Fizz Stick

50ml Robinson's Apple & Cinnamon Cordial

200ml Fix 8 Triple Ginger Kombucha


Add Fizz Stick to empty glass

Then add in the cordial and mix together

Fill the glass with ice

Top up with Triple Ginger Kombucha

The ginger counteracts the sweetness of the apple fizz stick and cordial to give a refreshingly elegant mocktail

My last guilty pleasure this season has to be the amazing accidentally vegan Gingerbread donuts from Morrissons. They are a perfect sweet treat and the creamy gingery centre will complement both drinks nicely. I literally cannot get enough of them and they are always sold out so when I do find them I always get like 2 packs. If you are lucky enough to try them, you'll totally see why.

What are your fave vegan treats this time of year?



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