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So I was recently approached by Lucre on behalf of Pizza Express and asked to write a review about their new vegan menu. I nearly snatched their arm off as I absolutely love pizza, as some of you may already know.

When I first went vegan, it was the first food I thought of when I imagined non-vegan foods that I would miss. But to my utter delight, a few months after going vegan, I found that places such as Zizzi and Pizza Express started to offer vegan options. And recently Pizza Hut actually decided to start stocking vegan cheese to allow vegans to dine there as well as non-vegans.

Now, I am not actually just saying this, but Pizza Express is my favourite of the bunch. Before I went vegan, Zizzi took the crown. But I just don't seem to gel with their vegan menu and Pizza Hut pizzas don't really do it for me like they used to. I prefer the Italian style pizza that Pizza Express (aka my new home) serve.

There are a wide range of options for your starter. But after marching for 4 hours, me and Sarah were super hungry so we went for the polenta chips and the Dough Balls Doppio to share and we swapped out all dips for the pestorisa, as it is vegan. 

Pizza Express starter.jpg

I also decided to try a tasty refreshing seedilp drink. I would say the best way to describe this drink is to say it is like a non alcoholic gin and tonic. Was just what I needed after a long day. If you prefer an alcoholic tipple, all of their wines are vegan friendly except for the PinotGrigio and the Pinot Grigio Blush.


We pretty much inhaled our starters and then it was time for my fave, the main. As Pizza Express make all of their pizzas fresh, there is the option to make any of the pizzas vegan friendly (providing there are no other animal products as toppings) but I have fallen in love with the Vegan Giardiniera and it never lets me down. So I decided to stick to what I know and opt for this bad boy again. And yet again, it was absolutely delicious. I probably could have eaten it twice (not probably, definitely)

Pizza Express Main.jpg

Sarah went for the Leggera version of this pizza as it is a little lighter and she isn't quite as greedy as me. This was her first time trying the Pizza Express Vegan Menu and she loved it. So much so that I convinced her to go for a dessert.


She went for the Raspberry Sorbet and loved it. 


I usually have the Coconut Sorbet as this used to be the only vegan dessert available. But they have recently added a new dessert, so of course I had to try it. It's so refreshing to have anon-vegan restaurant serve a vegan dessert which isn't sorbet. The Blackcurrant & Limoncello Semifreddo is so delicious and light. Usually desserts with liquor in tend to be quite heavy. But as this is a mousse, it has a fluffy creamy consistancy and is perfect to help soothe your tum after a load of stodge from the pizzas and dough balls. 

All in all, my trip to Pizza Express was a success, as always. 

Have you tried the Pizza Express vegan options yet? What are your faves?


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