My Summer Hair Care Routine

Living in England in the Summer can reak havoc with natural hair. Especially when you not only decide to stop straightening it and transition back to your natural hair, but you take it upon yourself to go vegan at the same time 

Now in Summer I usually tend to braid my hair for the most part to stop the Sun, or more likely Summer rain, drying it out. Plus it's a lot easier to manage. I mean, in Summer I have better things to do with my time than to tackle my wash day hair on a weekly basis. But when I take my braids out and want to give my hair a bit of a breather here's what I do 

Noughty Hair Shampoo

First up I use this shampoo from Noughty hair care. I love how fresh and silky my hair feels after using it.

Noughty Hair Shampoo

I love that it is natural and sulfate free so doesn't dry out my curls. I then use one of my old t-shirts to dry my hair to eliminate frizz. This was a tip that I found online and was a game changer as normal towels tend to soak up all the moisture and leave my hair feeling static and tangled. A combination no girl needs in her life. So if you too have naturally curly hair, try this out. It really works. You can thank me in vegan chocolate! 

Giovanni Protein Hair Infusion

Next to give my hair a nice deep condition, I slap this gorgeous stuff from Giovanni all over my hair and leave it under my steam hood for 15-30 minutes, depending on how deep I want to condition it

As I Am Gro Wash

Now, just before I put my braids back in I tend to use this stuff to wash my hair. Mainly because I keep my braids in for about a month so I don't want to strip my hair of too much oils with a shampoo before it is essentially about to be deprived of air and moisture for a while 

Mielle Conditioner

And then I'll condition with this Mielle conditioner for roughly 15 minutes in order to make my hair nice and silky and easy for me to braid

Rosehip Oil

Because I tend to get a dry scalp, after washing my hair I frequently put natural oils on my scalp such as this rosehip oil or coconut oil (below) or sometimes I will use both

Coconut Oil
Alikay Shea Yoghurt Hair Moisturizer

Because I have eliminated heat styling from my routine, in order to dry my hair I let it air dry. But I don't leave it out to air dry. I always separate my hair into a few sections (say 4 -8) add a small amount of this Alikay Naturals Moisturiser and plait my hair into a few cornrows/braids and let it air dry for a few hours. This way when I come to style it, it will be easier to manage

As I Am Smoothing Gel

When I am braiding my hair, I leave it to dry over night. But if I am styling my own hair, once my hair has mostly dried, I add some of this As I Am Smoothing Gel to my hair and brush it into my desired style (usually a bun to keep my ends protected) I like to use this product on my hair while it is still slightly wet otherwise if I use it on my hair completely dry, it doesn't work as well to smooth down my hair


Once my hair is styled, I finish by laying those edges. It's not about sweating and have fluffy edges, so both of these gels work wonders. I tend to use the Soultanicals (below) one first as it is a little more watery and slicks those baby hairs down perfectly. Then to hold the hair in place the Giovanni strong hold gel works a treat so no matter how much I sweat, those edges stay laid!


Thank you for reading and if you loved it, drop a comment and share if you're feeling generous

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