My New Skincare Obsession

As some of you may know I have a love ate relationship with my skin and am constantly on the lookout for the best thing for my skin

Recently, I came across this all vegan skincare brand Arbonne. I was fascinated to find out that they have been vegan since they launched back in 1980. I know that veganism is a current trend and people see it as a fad that people will get bored of like other "trends" but in my heart and I'm sure other vegans will agree with me, that veganism is where the future is at and will only get stronger the more people realise the benefits. Not only on our bodies, but on the animals it will save as well as our beautiful planet.

It was awe inspiring to know that there was a company so far ahead of it's time that the founder Petter Morck knew that people will not only ant plant based skincare but clean green skincare that doesn't use any nasty preservatives. That people would not only care about what goes in their bodies, but what we put on our bodies. The skin is our largest organ so I love that the brands ethos is to be healthy from the inside out.

The products that I am using are the RE9 advanced which is the brands flagship range as it is suitable for most skin types

RE9 Smoothing Facial Cleanser

So firstly, we have this face cleanser which I love because it doesn't dry out my skin like other cleansers tend to do. All you need is one tiny pump of this stuff and cleanses like a dream

RE9 Regenerating Toner

After letting my skin air dry, I spritz a cotton pad with this toner and wipe it all over my face and neck (I did spray directly onto my face the first time but I sprayed too much and got it all in my eyes, so this method for me s safer)

RE9 Intensive Renewal Serum

Next up is this Intensive Renewal Serum. Now for me, this was the game changer. I always used to cleanse, tone and moisturise. But I never really thought I needed to add a serum into my routine. Boy, was I wrong. After the first time using this, my skin felt silky smooth 

RE9 Corrective Eye Cream

Now, with the serum, you are supposed to let it dry before applying the moisturiser. So in this time, I tend to put on this Corrective Eye Cream. I love how all of these products are super luxurious so only a tiny amount is required. Just pat this around your eyes until it is absorbed into the skin - usually takes about a minute

RE9 Restorative Cream

And once this is fully absorbed into the skin the serum should be dry and ready for you to moisturise. This day time moisturiser is so rich and dreamy and you only need a couple of pumps for it to fully moisturise your skin. And as it contains SPF 20 it also protects against sun damage. You can purchase the same moisturiser without SPF, but I recommend you always use SPF, even in Winter to help protect your skin. There is also an Extra Moisture Restorative Cream for those who suffer from really dry skin and when purchasing this set you have the option to choose whichever of the 3 you want

RE9 Night Repair Cream

At night time, the routine is the same apart from the final step, where you use this Night Repair Cream instead of the Day Creams. This comes with a tiny spatula to help you measure the correct amount. What I adore about this cream is I wake up feeling fresh and not dried out

Ever since I started using these products, I just can't stop touching my skin. Love, love, love the way it makes my skin feel. It feels smooth. Beware, in light of my new love for my skin, there may be a lot more selfies on Insta

Thanks for reading and if you know of any other great organic vegan skincare brands, please let me know in the comments. Also, if you loved this post, please feel free to share 

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