My Fave Autumn Winter Pick Me Ups

My Fave Autumn Winter Pick Me Ups

Full disclosure, I know that we are in November but I am still coming to terms with the fact that we are no longer in Summer. Anyone else find that this confusing fluctuation in the weather has been playing havoc with your immune system? I know it does with mine and it’s not fun. Now I know some of you love the colder Autumn Winter months, but for those of you who are Summer Bunnies like me, here are a few tips to combat those Autumn Winter blues

  1. Wear Colour

For me one thing that helps to cheer me up when I’m feeling a bit glum, especially during cold dark days is bright and bold colours. Now I don’t mean walking down the street looking like a circus freak, unless of course if that’s the look you are going for, then by all means go for it. But I mean Autumnal colours such as reds, mustards and deep oranges which help promote enthusiasm and if you are feeling stressed, try wearing blue tones due to it’s relaxing and calming effects. This can be in the form of clothing, accessories or make up.

Kat Von D Studded Kiss Satin Lipstick Misfit

I recently added this little beauty to my collection from Kat Von D and I love it. I had loads of red lipsticks but they weren’t cruelty free and was yet to replace them. To be honest I was actually looking for a nude but then I came across this one called Misfit and fell in love. Probably because I have always been a bit of a misfit myself. It has orange undertones which make it perfect for Autumn!


  2. Self Care

self care.jpg

Looking after oneself is always important, but in these colder darker months, it is even more so to avoid a downward spiral of both your immune system and your emotions. In this cold weather you may not always feel like going out to get a massage or get pampered. For me, when I’m feeling a bit down or not 100%, I like to have a nice soak in the bath or give myself a pedicure.


When I get in from being blown around and drenched by the "lovely" British weather, nothing feels better than soaking away the days woes in this delicious scented Detox Soak from my beloved Arbonne. If I could send these scents over smellovision, I would. But just think yummy citrussy scents with a sprinkling of ginger and lavender. So dreamy! The Sea salt crystals dissolve quickly and help remove surface impurities and cleanse the skin, while turmeric root extract helps boost radiance. After soaking for a while I love sloughing away any dead skin with the gorgeous Detox Scrub. Containing the same key ingredients as the Detox Soak, it also contains sunflower and avocado oil to help restore the skins moisture barrier making sure your skin stays silky smooth in this harsh climate. When I get out of the bath I dry off with a soft warm fluffy towel and slap on the Detox Gelee, which contains green algae to help cool down skin as well as soothe tired muscles. Perfect for after a workout (even though sometimes walking down the street on a windy day is like a workout in itself) and juniper berry helps replenish moisture keeping your skin baby bum soft. You can get all of these products as well as others in the range separately, but during the festive season you can purchase them in one handy set here, which works out cheaper than buying the 3 individually. You can thank me later! 


     3. Clean Eating

Now, as some of you who follow me on the Gram may have noticed, I do like my food. And pizza may or may not have popped on my feed a time or 10. Please don't judge me - I lurve me some pizza. But I also know the life of a pizza fiend has its downfalls (I only typed it, I didn't actually say the words out loud so you can't take that as a full confession) In the colder months, with it being darker, it's easier to fall into the pattern of eating junk to "hybernate". Well sorry to burst your bubble, but humans don't actually hybernate so all the extra Autumn Winter padding just makes it harder to shed in the Summer. I'm not saying to give up pizza altogether (what do I look like, a crazy person? - wait don't answer that) Just be more mindful of what you are putting in your mouth. Foods high in protein such as beans and pulses are great to keep you filled up for longer so that you don't crave rubbish that will do your body more harm than good. I tend to love making wholesome soups which tend to slowly let off energy so that you can keep going for a longer period of time rather than pumping your body full of salty or sugary foods which will give you a short burst of energy then cause you to crash and feel exhausted! You can also join me on my 30 Days to Healthy Living Challenge that I will be undertaking shortly! Check it out here and drop me a note in the comments if you want to join me!


     4. Exercise

I'm not gonna lie. This one isn't the easiest for me as I'm a super introvert who doesn't overly love the gym. So I like to be creative with it. At work during the day, I tend to go up and down all flights of stairs numerous times doing a range of exercises such as back kicks, back leg raises, side leg raises and lunges. I also do home workouts which you can always find on YouTube. There are so many that keep you active without having to brave the cold. Therefore, there isn't much of an excuse.


Dancing is also a great way to keep fit and boost those endorphins. Why not check out your local dance studio to see if anything takes your fancy. There's such a huge range such Zumba, Soca aerobics, Salsa, Barre, Pole Dancing and the list goes on. It doesn't have to be boring. The more you find something that you enjoy doing, the more likely you are to keep it up. Plus the more you go, the more inclined you will be to make friends, which will encourage you to keep going. When the weather is nice and dry another way to get some light exercise is to take a walk outside and take in some fresh air. As much as it can feel nice being in the warmth, in door hearing can dry out your skin more than the wind so it's nice to switch it up a bit. I do love a good stroll along the river on a crisp sunny Winters day and then coming back in and having a hot cup of peppermint and liquorice tea to warm up.

     5. Find A New Passion

This last one may tie in with the last point. You may find that dance or exercise becomes your new passion. But I think when you are bored and feel like you have too much time in your hands, that's when you start to feel down. There's a saying which is a favourite of my Mum's and that is "the devil makes work for idle hands" which is too true. I never really undersood it as a kid but now I get it. When you aren't being productive, that's when your mind wonders and how you could sometimes end up feeling down and dwelling on things. But if you try to keep busy and find something that really sets your soul on fire, then hopefully you won't have the time to be down.

As it's cold, why not take up knitting and make a blanket for yourself. Or how about learning to upcycle your old clothes and turning them into something new. There are always workshops that you can check out. Or again, my trustee YouTube always has tutorials on there for so many things.


I know that for those Summer lovers like me the colder months can  be tough, but I hope these tips will help make it a bit more bearable for you until we get back to our fave time of year. If you can think of any other tips, then please feel free to share them in the comments!

Obviously I am not a medical professional and if you find that you are feeling severely down or depressed then please speak to your doctor.





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