Vegan Fast Fashion Versus Sustainable

Vegan Fast Fashion Versus Sustainable

As much as I prefer sustainable ethical brands because of the low impact it has on the planet, I understand that a lot of the price tags for items from these brands can be a big pill to swallow. Here I discuss the difference between the two and some of my favourite brands for both.

Now Fast Fashion, is just that, fast. You can buy them quickly because they are cheap but they are not built to last. Sustainable Fashion, however, is but not easily affordable so you would probably need to build your wardrobe slowly.

Fast Fashion

Here are some of my favourite brands that don't have a mammoth price tag

First up is one of the fastest growing brands in the last few years, Pretty Little Thing. They have a wide range of items for as little as £10.00. The quality of their clothes exceed the expectations of the bargain price. Here are some of my fave pieces from them

Another up and coming brand, The Fashion Bible. This brand has rapidly grown over the last few years. They have great pieces which allow you to keep up with the Joneses without having to spend the money that they do. These are some of my favourite pieces from them

A brand that I also love is one of Los Angeles' finest, Mistress Rocks. They are still establishing a name for themselves, but aren't wasting anytime in doing so. They have some great pieces, which are on the higher side of the Fast Fashion price scale and some of their garments are of designer label quality. Take a look at some of my favourite pieces from them  

Another one of my favourite places to shop for Vegan items is New Look. They have an array of clothing perfect for those on a small budget. As it's on the High Street, I struggle to keep away as I know I will always find something from them at a great price. Plus they have a huge sale on at the moment. Here are some of their pieces that I love



Sustainable brands don't tend to have a huge range of items which makes them super environmentally friendly as they wont have a great deal of wasted stock left over. They are also ethically conscious as they ensure that all garments are made in safe working environments and they also help to fund local communities.  

If you are looking at creating a more conscious wardrobe, now would be a great time to do it as a lot of these companies have January sales on right now. Here are some of my favourite ethical fashion brands 

Firstly, one of the biggest Sustainable brands of the moment are People Tree. Their whole collection is ethical and use organic fabrics to create simple everyday pieces

Another Ethically Conscious brand that I love is Armedangels. They have some great vegan pieces that are comfortable for everyday wear. They use fabrics such as Tencel - a silk like fabric and organic cottons to create the majority of their pieces

Bo Carter is a contemporary ethical brand who uses fabrics such as fair trade cotton, bamboo silk and organic denim to handcraft their pieces

Last but not least is ASOS. Now they can be classed as both Fast Fashion and Sustainable as they have pieces on their website from both categories. Their wide range of brands makes this one of my favourite places to find my latest vegan fashion pieces

So to conclude my thoughts on Fast Fashion Versus Sustainable, I think it is important to be conscious about the choices we make. I would say it's wise to buy key pieces such as coats, shoes and handbags from Sustainable brands rather than Fast Fashion brands so that they last longer. High street retailers such as H&M also have a conscious collection where you can buy simple pieces such as t-shirts at a fraction of the price of some of the other ethical brands out there. Fast Fashion isn't always a bad thing but you should do some research on where the companies you are buying from  stand ethically. Also instead of throwing away any old clothes, take them to a local charity shop or clothes recycling establishment. That way you are still doing your bit to help the environment. 

Thanks for reading and happy shopping  

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