the golden grenadine
the golden grenadine
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the blogosphere magazine summer party

August 5th 2017

Party 4.jpg
Party 3.jpg

So the Blogosphere Summer Party was amazing.

I managed to get a lot of questions answered and gain some insight from a few of the leaders in the industry.

I also met a few really lovely fellow bloggers.

Here are some of the highlights from the day. 

Party 12.jpg
Party 6.jpg

We had the opportunity to practice our photography and composition skills using this gorgeous flat-lay.

Party 1.jpg
Party 11.jpg

I simply couldn't resist the chance to take some pics on these stunning sofas

Party 9.jpg
Party 8.jpg
Party 13.jpg

I was also lucky enough to take home all of these goodies from the brands at the event. Look out for upcoming reviews of these products on the blog.